Turning ones and zeros into real world solutions for Alaska

Project Provider Application

The Hackathon is meant to encourage programmers and developers to use government, non-profit, and community driven data sets to improve the lives of the surrounding community by solving a problem with software. The data set can be anything from the location of all the cities fire hydrants to a list of all the parks in the city with their acreage or hours of operation. Even if your organization has little data but a good problem that can be solved by technical means, the Hackathon can help (for ideas for projects see http://codeforamerica.org/projects/). As a representative of a non-profit or government organization wondering if you should put forth your data set/problem here are a few guidelines we have put together.

The data set should be ready for public consumption by the Hackathon. This means it can either be public to start or whatever privacy concerns exist need to be addressed by the weekend of the Hackathon (for example by sanitizing the data or otherwise changing it to protect confidentiality).

The data set should be in some machine readable format. For example having it in a database or in excel are reasonable formats (pdf or otherwise human readable formats are not acceptable).

There must be a point of contact the weekend of the hackathon. This technical liaison (or liaisons) should be able to answer questions about the data or accessing it.

Preferably your organization should have ideas for a project to solve the problem, or at least just a problem.

If you have a project in mind, it should be one that can be prototyped in a weekend.

If your organization is selected then you will be asked to put together a 4 minute presentation on your data and project(or possible ideas for a project) to the Hackathon participants. The presentations will be before the Hackathon on May 7th 2015.

If your organization is very excited about applying for inclusion into the Hackathon, but you have some questions about these guidelines or the Application below, don’t hesitate to contact the Hackathon organizing committee via e-mail, AlaskaHackathon@gmail.com or Geoff Wright via 907-727-9397.

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